Swiss Energy Combo

Swiss Energy Combo


Combo 3 Vitamin C + 1 Multivitamins adulte +1 Multivitamines Kids + 1 Calcium VITAMIN C


1000 MG

Strong immune defense!

Vitamin C enhances the body’s resistance to infections and has an antioxidant effect for the maintenance of good health.

Helps to maintain the immune function and supports prevention in vitamin C deficiency while contributing to connective tissue formation.

Sweet lemon flavour



Health and strength!

A combination of vitamins that helps maintain the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients, produce energy and properly function the immune system. Antioxidants for maintaining overall good health. Antioxydants pour le maintien d’une bonne santé globale.

Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails.

Orange flavour



For strong bones and teeth!

Helps to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis.

Calcium helps to build strong bones and teeth.

Vitamin D3 helps to absorb calcium and to maintain heart muscle function.
A combination that supports the immune function.



For strong, healthy children!

They contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for stimulating the growth and development of children’s organism.

Helps with collagen formation to maintain healthy bones, cartilage, teeth and gums. Contributes to tissue formation and to maintain immune function. Contribue à la formation des tissus et à maintenir la fonction immunitaire.

Strawberry flavour
For children ages 4 to 13.

Service time up to 88 hours

Protects against droplets of saliva, dust, phlegm, and more.

Made in EUROPE by Dr.Frei, manufacturer of Swiss Energy.

Two sizes available.

Unisex and black color.